Acal BFi Partners with Teltonika Networks to expand connectivity solutions portfolio

Acal BFi is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Teltonika Networks, a global leader in networking and connectivity solutions.

Wokingham, February 2024 — Acal BFi, a leading technology solutions provider, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Teltonika Networks, a global leader in networking and connectivity solutions. This collaboration will see Acal BFi integrating Teltonika's exceptional range of Routers, Switches, Gateways, and Modems into its comprehensive portfolio, offering customers an even wider selection of cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

Teltonika Networks is renowned for its diverse suite of networking products designed to provide secure, reliable, and rapid deployment of connectivity. From building robust IoT and M2M infrastructures to enhancing enterprise networking capabilities, Teltonika Networks' offerings are tailored to meet the ever-evolving connectivity needs of businesses across industries.

One of the standout features of Teltonika Networks' solutions is their advanced remote management capabilities, which simplify the management of complex networking infrastructures. These capabilities empower businesses to efficiently oversee their networks, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance.

"We are thrilled to partner with Teltonika Networks to enhance our connectivity solutions portfolio," said Matthias Beuther, European Business Development Manager / Wireless Products. "The addition of Teltonika Networks' Routers, Switches, Gateways, and Modems to our range will enable us to provide our customers with even more options for building reliable and efficient IoT designs."

What sets Acal BFi apart as a unique partner is its ability to offer customers not only access to state-of-the-art technology but also a team of skilled engineers and a Wireless Technology Centre. This resourceful combination equips Acal BFi to provide end-to-end support — from designing and testing to prototyping and integration of custom or intricate networking solutions.

Giedrius Kukauskas, CEO of Teltonika Networks, commented, "This partnership is a testament to our commitment to empowering businesses with innovative networking solutions. Acal BFi's ability to combine our products with their engineering expertise and comprehensive support services creates a powerful offering for businesses seeking tailored IoT solutions."

As Acal BFi and Teltonika Networks embark on this collaborative journey, customers can anticipate a new era of possibilities for building solid, reliable, and efficient IoT designs. This partnership will undoubtedly contribute to shaping the future of connectivity for businesses worldwide.

For more information about Acal BFi's expanded portfolio of Teltonika Networks products, please visit Teltonika Networks