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Uniblitz Optical Shutters

Optical Uniblitz shutters are designed for general lighting applications such as lamps, lasers, detectors, or cameras.

Supplier: Vincent Associates

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Technology type: Galvanometer Scanners and Shutters

The application areas of these fast Uniblitz shutters are manifold and range from the modulation of light in general and laser radiation, in particular to exposure protection of detectors or camera sensors and the blocking of X-rays.

The LS and VS Uniblitz series are optimised for high shutter speeds, so that minimum window times can be used for laser applications or short exposure times for detectors and cameras. A large selection of materials for the shutter blades allows use with intensive laser power from deep UV to infrared. In addition, special PtIr blades are available for blocking X-rays. The Uniblitz shutters can be used both under normal conditions and with special encapsulation of the drive coil in a vacuum. For fail-safe use, the shutters can be divided into unistable and bistable shutters. The unistable versions, which include the types LS, VS, FS, and CS, close passively by means of a return spring, whereby the bistable shutters each require an electrical pulse for closing and opening and do not need electric power to hold in position.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Fast timing on opening provides unique min. total window times of LS and VS Uniblitz shutter series
  • Compact versions for OEM applications
  • Special blade materials to withstand high laser power up to 10 W/mm²
  • Apertures between 2mm and up to 150mm
  • Opens and closes centrically
  • High attenuation up to 10 - 6
  • Options for use in vacuum
  • Innovative platinum-iridium (PtIr) blade design allows beam extinction of 90% up to 30 keV X-ray energy 
  • Uniblitz shutters available with and without housing for OEM applications
  • The special design of ES6B shutters guarantees 25 Mio cycles lifetime

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer



Blade material

Min. total window time*

Uniblitz drivers


25, 35, 45, 65, and 90mm

Teflon, AlMgF2

29, 53, 50, 119, and 116ms

VCM-D1, VED24, D880C*


10, 25, and 35mm

Teflon, AlMgF2

15, 51, and 66ms




Teflon, AlMgF2, AlSiO




25, and 35mm


46, and 52ms

Directly by 5 V/425 mA


2, 3, and 6mm

Teflon, AlMgF2, AlSiO

1.5, 1.9, and 2.3ms

VCM-D1, VED24, D880C*




Ca. 400ms

Directly by 12 V/2 A


25, 35, 45, and 65mm

Teflon, AlMgF2

16, 31, 36.5, and 79ms

VED24, ED12DSS*, VDM1000


14, 25, and 35mm

Teflon, AlMgF2

6.5, 10, and 30ms

VCM-D1, VED24, D880C*


6, 14, and 25mm

PtIr (for X-ray)

9, 35 and 30ms

VCM-D1, VED24, D880C*



*other materials on request

*min. total window time depends on the size of aperture

*driver for OEM

Uniblitz FS series shutters

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