Fastcam Nova Series High Speed Cameras

Fastcam Nova Series High Speed Cameras

A range of high-speed cameras featuring a very high framerate and superior light sensitivity.

Supplier: Photron

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Technology type: High-speed Cameras

The Photron Fastcam NOVA S and the high-resolution version NOVA R2 offer very high-performance high-speed video in a compact sealed housing.

The NOVA S with 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution can record up to 16,000 frames/second - full-frame (S16 version). The Nova S series is available in different speed versions. Photron offers an upgrade path to increase the speed of lower specifications versions allowing a low-risk investment when buying an entry-level model. The new camera line offers performance usually only available in much larger systems. Developments in electronics and cooling make the new NOVA the camera with the best image quality and lowest noise in the Photron portfolio. It offers world-leading light sensitivity of ISO 64.000, making high-speed imaging easy. The NOVA R2 builds on the new improved hardware platform with a high-resolution 4-megapixel sensor with a full-frame rate of 1440fps. The NOVA cameras offer large RAM memory options and optionally a FASTDrive (SSD) can be fitted to store recordings locally before the download. They also offer live video output over HD SDI for monitoring purposes.

 (All models are available in a colour or monochrome sensor version)

Application advice/support: We offer lighting and lenses tailored to each application and can work with you to achieve the best imaging results with your Photron camera.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Fastcam NOVA S series 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • S series - best light sensitivity
  • Fastcam NOVA R2 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • Best resolution
  • Compact housing 120 x 120 x 217mm
  • Versatile mounting options on sides
  • FASTDrive option for direct image save in-camera from RAM to SSD storage after recording is finished
  • Internal delay generator
  • Dual DC inputs 22-32VDC (primary and back up)
  • 10 GigE Ethernet connection
  • 12bit monochrome/ 36bit colour
  • Stop fan function (eliminate vibration)
  • Service upgradeable to higher spec version
  • RAM memory up to 128GB
  • IRIG-B input for time stamping
  • Excellent PFV software (included)
  • Multiple lens mounts available (F/G, C mount, optional EF mount
  • Memory partitioning
  • Colour and monochrome sensor available
  • Live video via HD-SDI
  • Shockproof – 30G, 11ms 6-axes

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer

Model Resolution Framerate - fps (@ full resolution) Maximum framerate ISO monochrome ISO 12232 SATT Pixel size (µm)
NOVA S6 1024 x 1024 6.400 800.000 64.000 20
NOVA S9 1024 x 1024 9.000 900.000 64.000 20
NOVA S12 1024 x 1024 12.800 1.000.000 64.000 20
NOVA S16 1024 x 1024 16.000 1.100.000 64.000 20
NOVA S series monochrome - ISO 160.000 including IR response
Model Resolution Framerate - fps (@ full resolution) Maximum framerate ISO monochrome ISO 12232 SATT Pixel size (µm)
NOVA R2 2048 x 2048 1.440 100.000 8.000 10
NOVA R series monochrome - ISO 20.000 including IR response


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