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Achieve clear, convenient, and accurate power measurements with GW Instek’s digital power meters.

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Technology type: Power Meters and Sensors

GW – Instek offers two types of digital power meters to help users achieve clear, convenient and accurate power measurements.

The GPM-8310 power meter is the most cost-effective power meter with most complete functionalities among the products of the same category. 

The GPM-8213 power meter is designed specifically for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power supply's power measurements and provides as many as 19 power measurement parameters, including voltage, current, frequency, power, crest factor, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, phase angle, total harmonic distortion and high-accuracy voltage/current/power measurement capabilities.

For range details, please see the catalogue in the download section below.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • GPM-8310
    • 5”TFT LCD
    • DC, 0.1Hz ~ 100kHz voltage/current test bandwidth
    • Two numerical display modes: General mode: displays 2 main test items + 8 secondary test items ; Simple mode: displays the test values of 4 main test items
    • Waveform display: V (voltage), I (current), P (power)
    • The current/voltage can be measured to a deformed wave with CF of 3, and the half-range CF can reach 6 or 6A
    • 50th order of harmonic measurement and analysis (value and bar graph)
    • Integration function supports automatic level-changing
    • External current sensor input terminals (EXT1/EXT2)
    • Standard interfaces: RS-232C, USB device/ host, LAN, GPIB
    • Optional interface: Digital I/O (DA4) (must be installed before leaving the factory)
    • Optional accessory: GPM-001


  • 4” TFT LCD
  • Two data display modes
  • Standard : two major measurement items + six secondary measurement items
  • Simple : displaying test data of four different measurement items
  • Met the requirement of IEC 62301 power measurement
  • Voltage/ current test frequency bandwidth : DC~6kHz
  • Watt resolution : 1mW
  • Lowest current range : 5mA, resolution : 0.1uA
  • Current/voltage measurements reach CF=3 for distorted wave and CF=6 for half range
  • W-h (power vs time)/A-h (current vs time) integration function
  • Total harmonic distortion measurement
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GW Instek - GPM-8213 Digital Power Meter

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