BG digitam multimeter

BK27xx, BK393 & BK5492B series digital multimeters

Digital and analog multimeters delivering component testing in the field, lab, and many other environments.

Supplier: B+K Precision

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Technology type: Digital Multimeters

B&K Precision provides an extensive selection of digital and analog multimeters, suitable for use in the field, lab, and many other environments. Whether you are an electronic technician working on location, or a school instructor teaching electronics, B&K Precision offer a meter that fits your application. Their multimeters come in bench-top size for the engineering lab and handheld size for portable and on-the-go use.

For electricians, they also offer a series of current clamp meters to measure high current and voltage safely and reliably.

Multimeters may also test other parameters such as: continuity, diode test, capacitance measurement, frequency measurement, dBm measurement, transistor gain (hFE), and logic level.

For range details please see the catalogue in the downloads section below.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

5492B model:

  • The 5492B model is a versatile 5½-digit, 120,000-count bench multimeter suitable for applications in education, service repair, and manufacturing.
  • The instrument enhances your productivity with built-in math functions and USB connectivity. Rel, Max/Min, dBm, dB, %, and hold functions provide educators with a convenient tool to teach basic math concepts.
  • The 5492B offers powerful features not commonly found in other 5½- digit DMMs such as advanced triggering, buffer storage operation, and a GPIB interface option.

2831E and 5491B models:

  • The 2831E and 5491B are versatile and dependable bench-top 4 ½ - digit, 50,000-count digital multimeters suitable for applications in education, service & repair and manufacturing requiring basic and reliable measurements.
  • These multimeters enhance your productivity with built-in math functions and USB connectivity, features not found in other bench meters in this price category.
  • The meters take typical multimeter measurements such as volts, ohms, and amps with great accuracy and stability and were designed for cost conscious users requiring a basic and dependable meter with a broad range of extra features offered at a value price.
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BK Model 5492B - 5 1/2 Digit Bench Digital Multimeter Overview

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