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Honeywell offers one of the broadest sensing portfolios available, ranging from pressure, humidity, airflow, force, and position sensors. They have sensing solutions to meet basic and complex design challenges.

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Honeywell offers one of the broadest sensing portfolios available, ranging from pressure, humidity, airflow, force and position sensors, they have a product to meet your basic and complex design challenges.

Acal BFi and Honeywell Sensing and Control have a strong relationship. Working with Honeywell on their specialist sensor products enables us to provide you with the best solution for your project requirements.

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We also cover Honeywell's Current, Speed, Infrared, Liquid Level and Magnetic sensors.

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When life may be on the line, the products used in your design should be exceptional. Sensor performance, reliability, durability and accuracy are paramount.

Honeywell's leading technology, broad product offering, and experienced application engineering support help medical equipment designers quickly find the sensing solution to meet their performance needs.


From the factory floor to the furthest distribution centre, Honeywell keeps more global enterprises industrious. Their breadth of sensors and engineering expertise offers unmatched value down the line.

Honeywell sensing solutions are also flexible, and tailored to exact specifications - for stronger performance, longer productivity, and increased safety. And it all adds up to reduced expenditure and operational costs.


Whether a standard sensor or a highly customised solution is needed, Honeywell has decades of experience within the transportation industry. Honeywell works diligently to ensure engineered solutions are provided that meet technical and financial needs.

Their combination of a broad portfolio, technical capabilities, and application experience culminate into a powerful ability to meet transportation design needs.

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Honeywell pressure sensors

Honeywell pressure sensors

For higher performance, improved productivity, and increased safety, Honeywell's pressure sensors guarantee enhanced accuracy and performance, whilst maintaining reliability in demanding applications.

With a wide range of ports, connectors, outputs and pressure ranges, these sensors are suitable for applications needing enhanced precision, repeatability and ruggedness, ranging from basic to complex applications such as dialysis equipment, blood analysis, oxygen and nitrogen gas distribution, HVAC devices, process controls, industrial machinery, pumps, and robotics.

Honeywell humidity sensors

Honeywell humidity sensors

Honeywell Humidity sensors are suited to a diverse range of potential applications such as HVAC equipment, refrigeration, office automation and medical equipment.

Honeywell Humidicon™ Digital Humidity/ Temperature Sensors are digital output-type relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensors combined in the same package, offering a range of accuracies from ±1.7% RH to ±4.5% RH and designed to provide enhanced stability, reliability and sensitivity.

All Honeywell humidity sensors are configured with integrated circuitry to provide on-chip signal conditioning.

Honeywell force sensors

Honeywell force sensors

Whether it's critical applications such as IV drips, dialysis or serious engineering like robotic end-effectors, Honeywell offers an unbeatable line of force sensor options. Incorporating a patented modular construction, this innovative, unique design provides a variety of mounting options, enhanced stable mechanical performance and application adaptability.

Honeywell force sensors also deliver built-in stability and flexibility to provide enhanced performance in a variety of applications

Honeywell airflow sensors

Honeywell airflow sensors

Airflow sensors typically operate on heat transfer, flow and differential pressure. Honeywell's sensors offer advanced chip design, manufacturing techniques and technology, allowing them to be faster, smaller and more sensitive.

Amplified versions provide an enhanced output signal and less external circuitry, while unamplified versions allow additional circuit options. A variety of port styles provide greater application flexibility.

Offering enhanced performance across applications within both the Medical and Industrial environments such as respirators, spirometers, anaesthesia and oxygen delivery, sleep apnea equipment, HVAC system damper control, gas analysis, leak detection equipment, gas metering and chromatography, process control and ventilation hoods.

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