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Uniblitz Shutter Drivers

From desktop controllers to control boards, Vincent Associates offers versatile control units for all Uniblitz shutters.

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Technology type: Galvanometer Scanners and Shutters

In addition to the excellent mechanical functionality of the Uniblitz shutter, optimally adapted control electronics (driver) are essential for the performance of a shutter, especially to achieve its timing specification.

The desktop controllers VCM-D1 and VED24 offer the possibility to run all operating modes of a shutter. Depending on the shutter, whether unistable or bistable, the appropriate driver supplies the necessary current-voltage pulses, if these are initiated either by a simple switching contact (e.g. footswitch), manually at the driver, by TTL signal or via PC interface (RS232).

The shutter can either open or close on a falling or rising edge, or the duration of the TTL signal determines the duration of the open state. Due to the required CE-marking, only single-channel drivers can be offered In Europe.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Desktop controller for easy operation via switch contact (footswitch optional), TTL or RS232
  • Control boards for the OEM user with TTL control only
  • VCM-D1 the standard among drivers for unistable Uniblitz shutters. With integrated automatic switching from high opening voltage to low holding voltage. This enables the fastest possible opening times and minimum gate widths
  • VED24 the all-rounder for unistable and bistable shutters. When using this control unit, the shutters of the CS, LS, VS, and XRS series must be equipped with the so-called "E" option, as a different coil resistance is required
  • If the used shutter has a sync option (feedback contact that the shutter is open), the switching state of the shutter is indicated by an LED on the VCM-D1 and VED24 drivers and can be picked up as a signal for further processing
  • The control board D880C is designed for unstable shutters only and is controlled by TTL logic. Again, the "E" option is required when selecting the shutter
  • For all bistable shutters, the ED12DSS control board can be used, only the shutter type NS must have the additional option "ED"

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer



Shutter compatibility


Feedback signal





Manually, footswitch, TTL, RS232


Provides fastest switching times



CS1, DSS, ES, LS1, NS, VS1, XRS1

Manually, footswitch, TTL, RS232


Universal for all shutters



CS1, LS1, VS1, XRS1,3



“E”- option for extended shutter lifetime






Compact form factor

1 - Shutter requires "E" option with the use of D880C or VED24 | 2 - Shutter requires "ED" option | 3 - Attention: XRS25 requires 2 drivers

Laptop keyboard


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