Thermography cameras

Thermography Cameras

Industrial thermal imagers and systems for accurately measuring temperature.

Supplier: Lumasense (Advanced Energy)

Technology type: Automated Infrared Imaging Cameras

Lumasense’s turn-key thermal infrared imagers and systems accurately measure temperature either inside an industrial process (inside a boiler or furnace) or remotely (monitoring a flame from distance).

The BoilerSpection SD imaging system is a turnkey solution for continuous infrared imaging inside boilers and furnaces. This system provides continuous, real-time, through-flame imaging inside boilers and allows to optimise the combustion by tracking uniformity of ash deposits.

The FurnaceSpection is an infrared camera system for continuous reformer tube monitoring and temperature measurement inside furnaces. It provides real-time continuous temperature measurement to identify process abnormalities inside high-temperature furnaces in refining, metals, and glass production processes. It measures the temperature of product, refractory, and heat transfer surfaces inside natural gas-fired furnaces.

The FlareSpection is an infrared camera system for continuous pilot flame and flare stack. The FlareSpection provides extremely clear and reliable flare image and pilot flame monitoring of multiple flare tips. It continuously monitors through moisture, heavy rain, and fog from hundreds of metres away. Its certified explosion-proof housing enables the system to be in hazardous areas. You can also confirm pilot flame and flare presence, detect plant performance deviations, and set alarms using the system’s advanced software.


What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer

Camera model

BoilerSpection SD

FurnaceSpection SD

FurnaceSpection SD


Infrared imaging camera with a cooled borescope lens

Infrared imaging camera with a cooled borescope lens

Infrared imaging camera w/ long distance high-magnification optics

Measurement range

500 - 1600°C

600 - 1800°C or 800 - 2200°C (water-cooled only)

Provides high-resolution image of pilot flames and flares


Narrowband 3.9µm

Narrowband 0.85μm

Narrowband 0.85μm

Detector and optics

320 x 240 uncooled microbolometer  with 50° x 38° Field of View

640 x 480 silicon based with  55° x 41° or 72° x 54° Field of View  

640 x 480 uncooled microbolometer with 3° x 2.3° Field of View


Stainless steel IP66 constructions with air cooling and purge

Stainless steel constructions with air or water cooling

Stainless-steel enclosure with an integrated sighting tube to prevent dust and dirt on the window

Unique feature

Automatic retraction system

Automatic retraction system

ATEX, IECEx, US, and Canada certified explosion-proof housing

Camera Interface

Connection to control room


100 Base-T-Ethernet



Multi-mode fibre


1000 Base-T-Ethernet (GigE)


Multi-mode or single-mode fibre


OPC, Modbus Serial, Modbus Ethernet, analog contact outputs, and relays

Laptop keyboard


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