FS725 and PRS10 frequency standards & oscillators

A stable oscillator used for frequency calibration or reference.

Supplier: Stanford Research Systems

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Technology type: Frequency Standards

Rubidium frequency standard: FS725

The FS725 integrates a rubidium oscillator (SRS model PRS10), a low-noise AC power supply, and distribution amplifiers in a compact, half-width 2U chassis. It provides stable and reliable performance with an estimated 20 year aging of less than 5 × 10-9 and a demonstrated rubidium oscillator MTBF of over 200,000 hours. The FS725 is an ideal instrument for calibration and R&D laboratories, or any application requiring a precision frequency standard.

Rubidium oscillator: PRS10

The PRS10 is an ultra-low phase noise, 10 MHz rubidium-disciplined crystal oscillator. The device fulfils a variety of communication, synchronisation and instrumentation requirements. The phase noise of the 10 MHz output is low enough to be used as the reference source for synthesisers. The unit's short-term stability and low environmental coefficients make it an ideal component for network synchronisation. Its low aging rate makes it an excellent timebase for precision frequency measurements.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers


  • 10 MHz and 5 MHz outputs
  • 1 pps input and output for GPS synchronisation
  • 20 year aging less than 0.005 ppm
  • Ultra-low phase noise (<−130 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz)
  • Built-in distribution amplifiers (up to 22 outputs)
  • RS-232 computer interface
  • Two status alarm relays


  • Low phase noise (<−130 dBc/Hz at 10Hz)
  • Time-tags or phase-locks to a 1 pps input
  • 72 hour Stratum 1 level holdover
  • RS-232 for diagnostics, control and calibration
  • 20 year lamp life
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