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Insight SiP use unique SiP and AiP technology to build miniature integrated RF modules without compromise on radio performance. Their diverse range are one of the smallest on the market, allowing customers to add low cost, low power wireless technologies that provide more function in the smallest of spaces.


Short range modules

Bluetooth low energy modules for short-range networking

Insight SiP’s compact short-range modules are a low cost and low power wireless connectivity solution for devices such as PCs, smartphone peripherals, IoT smart objects and M2M applications. Their outstanding features allows them to deliver battery lifetimes up to several years on a coin cell battery.

  • A comprehensive range of smallest 8.0 x 8.0 x 1.0 mm pin to pin compatible packages
  • All modules integrate the antenna, the RF matching circuit, all decoupling and load capacitors plus crystal oscillators
  • Fully certified by the Bluetooth SIG and by global regulatory bodies, FCC, CE and Telec

iSP19 series – Built-in antenna Bluetooth 5.1 direction-finding modules
ISP1907-LL | ISP1907-HT- A compact direction-finding module suitable for BLE/ Thread/ Zigbee/ ANT+/ NFC applications with an MCU and antenna.

iSP18 series – Built-in antenna long-range Bluetooth 5.0 modules
ISP1807-LR- The smallest and most powerful BT long-range multiprotocol module suitable for BLE/ Thread/ Zigbee/ ANT+/ NFC applications with an MCU and antenna.

iSP15 series – Built-in antenna Bluetooth 5.0 modules
ISP1507-AX | ISP1507-AL - A compact, high performance BT5 multiprotocol module suitable for BLE/ ANT+/ NFC applications with an MCU and antenna.


Wide area network modules

LPWAN low power wide area network modules

LoRa or NB-IoT connectivity modules that are ready-to-use, miniature, and high performance across wide area networks. These LPWAN modules are designed with market-leading chipsets and offer full certification and functionality with integrated antennas.

  • Shorter range BLE access for set up and maintenance
  • Innovative system-in-package and antenna-in-package technology

iSP45 series – Built-in antenna LoRa and BLE modules

ISP4520-EU | ISP4520-US | ISP4520-AS - unique miniaturised LoRaWAN and Bluetooth 5 ready modules with an MCU and both radio antennas, with variants to ensure compliance for Europe, US, and Asia.


Positioning modules

Smart modules for positioning and ranging

Insight SiP’s position and range modules are the ideal ready-to-use BLE and UWB mixed solutions for precise positioning. They deliver superior performance in a miniature package and are based on a market-leading chipset, offering fully certified and functional modules with integrated antennas.

  • Innovative system-in-package and antenna-in-package technology
  • Ready-to-use connectivity for positioning

iSP30 series – Built-in antenna UWB & BLE modules

ISP3010-UX - A small multi-purpose UWB and Bluetooth 5 ready/ ANT+/ NFC accurate positioning module.

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