Design challenge - do you need EMI chokes or filters for high currents in restricted space?

Due to the ever-demanding power needs of industrial applications, the number of devices required for high-current power is growing. However, with each new device, there is another possible source of strong electromagnetic interference (EMI).

There are a lot of standard components for EMI suppression like common mode chokes, differential chokes, or filters for currents up to 20 A. Common-mode currents (unbalanced currents plus disturbances to attenuate) seldom exceed 100 mA. However, even in this range, the requirements to manage EMI can be unique depending on the application, with a high number of design parameters to be considered, ie. surrounding equipment, space, environmental impacts. This means customised solutions are often required to meet the application's specific needs.

In addition, when exceeding 100 A nominal and/or 5 A common mode current, component design becomes exponentially more challenging because of size: high current wire needs space and a lower number of wire turns to achieve proper attenuation, and hence a certain inductance level, meaning the design needs to include enough core cross-section and enough turns around the core, which normally results in huge chokes or filters. However, by utilising different core materials and shapes, wire cross-sections, and winding designs we can find an optimum design that meets your operational parameters.

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Our team within the Magnetics Products Technology Centre use their expertise to create a customised design or a design from standard cores and components. Contact us today to understand how you can gain unprecedented levels of design flexibility and safety in your EMI solution.

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