Lumasense Infrared Pyrometers from Advanced Energy

Infrared Pyrometers

Industrial multi-head infrared pyrometers.

Supplier: Lumasense (Advanced Energy)

Technology type: Pyrometers

Lumasense’s IMPAC Series 600 is a new modular, multi-head infrared pyrometer.

This series offers a highly customisable design with up to 8 pyrometer heads in a single system. The pyrometer heads can have different wavelengths and temperature measurement ranges.

The IMPAC series 600 also features user selectable communication protocols (digital (RS232/RS485 or Profinet), one analogue in standard converter box or up to eight analogue only in analogue boxes).

Common applications for these pyrometers include automotive industry, laminating, injection moulding, PET bottles, plastics, packaging, and paper/coating.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Modular design
  • Additional digital interfaces : RS232/RS485 , Profinet, Ethernet IP, Fast Ethernet, Ethercat, and Profibus
  • Better optical performance for long wavelength choice of FOV 2:1 or 10:1 or 20:1, and for short wavelengths: IS 600: 65:1, IGA 600 and IGA 600/23: 70:1
  • Multi sensor head concept (up to eight sensor heads connected to one converter box)
  • Easy exchange of sensor heads, you can leave the cable in the machine, making it very practical for maintenance and calibration
  • 8µm - 14µm (non-metals)
  • 0.7µm - 1.1µm (high temperature metals)
  • 1.45µm - 1.8µm (mid to high temperature metals)
  • 2µm - 2.6µm (low to mid temperature metals)
  • 5.14µm (glass surfaces)

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer

Model IN 600 and IN 600-HT IS 600 IGA 600 IGA 600/23
Temperature ranges  -40°C to 700°C, MB 7

550°C to 1400°C, MB14

650°C to 1800°C, MB18

700°C to 2500°C, MB25

250°C to 1200°C, MB12

370°C to 1800°C, MB18

400°C to 2500°C, MB25

100°C to 1000°C, MB10

150°C to 1800°C, MB18

Spectral ranges 8µm to 14µm 0.7µm to 1.1µm  1.45µm to 1.8µm 2µm to 2.6µm
Measurement uncertainty

T = 0°C to 700°C: 0.7% or 1°C

T = 0°C to -20°C: 2°C

T= -20°C to -40°C: 3°C

0.5% or 2°C 0.5% or 2°C

0.5% or 2°C

Repeatability  greater of 0.5% or 0.8°C  greater of 0.25% or 1°C  greater of 0.25% or 1°C  greater of 0.25% or 1°C
Optics (distance ratio) 2:1, 10:1 or 20:1 02.01.1900  17:01:00 02.01.1900  22:01:00 02.01.1900  22:01:00
Response time t90 min 180ms, switchable min 10ms, switchable min 10ms, switchable min 10ms, switchable
Maximum ambient temperature

IN 600: 0°C to 80°C

IN 600 HT: 0°C to 180°C

 0°C to 80°C  0°C to 80°C  0°C to 80°C


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