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Keysight offer a range of measurement tools and expertise to meet the world's critical requirements for electronic test and measurement applicationsThey are the global industry leader providing solutions for a range of industries including industrial, automotive & energy, research, education and aerospace and defence.

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Keysight offering of analyser technology meets todays and tomorrows requirements of high accuracy, maximum versatility, whilst as a plug and play solution for ease of use and readiness. This technology includes a selection of spectrum analysers, network analysers & EMC pre-compliance testing instruments.

Keysight generators


From providing insights to delivering high performance and waveform accuracy, Keysight diverse range of generators are made up of leading-edge technologies from our strategic partners. These consist of function/arbitrary waveform generators, pulse generators and signal generators.

Keysight meters


With usability in a multitude of markets, Keysight portfolio of test and measurement meters address the challenges faced in almost any application, no matter how complex the environment is.

The range includes digital multimeters, handheld measurement instruments, data acquisition solutions, frequency counters, source measure units, impedance and LCR meters, power meters & sensors, femto-picoammeter & electrometer / high resistance meters.

Keysight oscilloscopes


Keysight offer an expansive range of oscilloscopes, probes, and accessories for measuring voltage against time. This technology focusses on providing you with real-time data, fast and accurately, enabling you to meet your project objectives with ease.

Keysight oscilloscopes can be paired with high quality probes and accessories to enhance the performance of your solution.

Keysight power

Power supplies and sources

Keysight range of advanced power supplies and sources address the challenges of today’s market. This technology can be utilised either on a bench or in a system, ensuring suitability for almost any requirements.

Keysight power supplies and sources portfolio includes DC power supplies, AC power sources and analysers, DC electronic loads, source measure units, noise sources, and power quality solutions. They offer optimal choices in voltage, current, capability and precision. Solve your power measurement challenges with application-specific software and our reliable power hardware to achieve the optimal test configuration for your application

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