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Acal BFi’s expertise and experience in concept development, design and manufacturing is second to none. Our dedication to quality at each stage of the development process and our ability to work flexibly can bring a customer’s ideas and requirements to fulfilment in an optimum timescale and on budget.

Acal BFi acknowledge that customers have cost constraints and that their products have performance, quality and reliability criteria to fulfil. We employ our expertise, innovation, resources and experience to satisfy customer needs – moving proactively with them from initial brief, feasibility, design etc to prototypes and full high-quality manufacturing.

To enhance and supplement our LED engine and assembly design and manufacturing capabilities, Acal BFi provide a comprehensive logistics management service individually geared to provide customers with financial benefits, reduced stock holdings, on-time deliveries and reduced administration.


Our engineering team can take a customer’s design or develop a LED assembly from an initial brief to suit a particular application. We apply our in depth knowledge of LEDs, PCB materials, thermal design, optics and LED driver techniques to achieve a bespoke LED design precisely matched to a customer’s application. At every stage we work in partnership with customers to ensure the design of their custom LED assembly suits their requirements and the end market.

Prototyping and design verification

To test and verify designs, when required, prototypes are built. These LED prototype assemblies allow customers to evaluate the functionality of the design. Additionally Acal BFi use prototypes to verify the functionality by making optical, thermal and electrical measurements. The tests we perform centre on the end use of the custom LED assembly, thus verifying its suitability for purpose and performance against the original design brief and concept. Acal BFi’s data and conclusions are reported and discussed with the customer.


Acal BFi can offer a wide selection of manufacturing and assembly services including: surface mount assembly, auto insertion, hand assembly, conformal coating, test and inspection. These are all geared to meet the demands for custom LED assemblies. Indeed, LED light engines up to 2 metres in length can be built. Additionally Acal BFi are able to offer product configuration and test. All manufacturing processes and quality management is carried out in line with our ISO 9001-2008 accreditation.

Contact our specialist opto team to discuss your LED or light engine requirements

Applications support

Should a customer wish to specify and buy white, coloured or ultraviolet type LEDs or have a complete LED assembly designed and built, Acal BFi can be trusted to have the experience, products and expertise to assist. Our applications support team’s comprehensive knowledge in products and applications provide an invaluable service to our customers, enabling them to specify the LED or LED system to suit their budget and end use. Additionally customers rely on us for expert support and products in the areas of drivers, optics and thermal cooling.
Acal BFi are able to call on a wide variety of in-house services and equipment to support customers as they explore and define their LED application. We have a facility with electrical, optical, thermal and EMC test equipment which allow our engineering team to make tests and run trails so that customers can be sure that a suitable LED solution is available and specified. Our pre-qualification EMC chamber and equipment which is made available for use by our customers has been particularly advantageous for those wishing to bring products to market in optimum timescales.

Acal BFi’s in-depth knowledge of LEDs and their applications has brought the company to the forefront of the optoelectronics supply industry and has permitted customers to achieve outstanding results both in both technical and commercial terms. We work in partnership with customers enabling them to bring products to market in optimum time frames, on budget and to high technical specification.

LEDs and their applications are advancing at a rapid pace, driven by developments in LED materials, manufacturing techniques and innovation. Acal BFi constantly stay abreast of the developments that affect the LED market and are well placed to update customers in a practical manner so that existing projects and products can benefit from the fast-evolving LED technology. It is our policy to make periodic reviews with our customers, bring innovations and improvements to their notice and suggest ways to employ the LED innovations to their benefit.

The Acal BFi applications and support team are considered by customers as a reliable, expert, knowledgeable, practical and respected partner – we aim to maintain that reputation.

Logistics management

To enhance and supplement our LED engine and assembly manufacturing capabilities, Acal BFi provide a comprehensive logistics management service if required. This service available to customers of bespoke and standard LED services and features:

  • stock management and automated reporting
  • ship to call offs
  • buffer stocking of both finished LED assemblies and component parts
  • packaging design to requirements / specification
  • EDI – manage customers sales orders
  • full consignment tracking, and
  • vendor managed inventory (VMI).

The benefits accumulating to customers using these services include financial improvements in cash flow and profitability, reduced stock levels and reduced administration.