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Manufacturer's part number Product description Qty

SightLine – Specialist in embedded video processing solutions

SightLine – Specialist in embedded video processing solutions

SightLine Applications Inc. provide onboard DSP video processing systems, which are key performance enablers for a wide range of camera systems customers. SightLine were formed in 2007, and has a team of engineers heavily focused on DSP-embedded software development.

SightLine provide video processing hardware/software which facilitates the design of advanced gimballed camera systems for use in a range of applications, including ISR, infrastructure inspection and natural resource management. By integrating SightLine systems, the system integrator can focus on overall features which solve customer requirements and not having to develop the very complicated video processing element.

Video processor, small, low-power, single-channel, on-board

  • 1500-OEM processor
  • Low power
  • 1.04 x 1.48 inches
  • Single channel on- board video processing

Video processor, multi-channel, high definition (HD)

  • Multi-channel, high-definition advanced video-processing
  • Two video channels
  • Full suite of processing
  • Full frame rate HD H.264 streaming



SightLine systems can be customised, to ensure you get exactly what you need. By talking with their customers, SightLine will define the best hardware and software for your application.

The Video Processing Library is the foundation for all SightLine Applications OEM products. The library provides a powerful suite of video functions that are key to a wide variety of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

Here is a snapshot of the library. See their YouTube channel for further examples.


  • Remote, high-frequency jitter
  • Gimbal roll/ nod configurations
  • For applications of platform roll motion
  • Integrators feed video roll commands to counteract known platform rotation



Scene and object tracking

  • Provides powerful, intuitive gimbal feedback
  • Advanced image analysis and motion estimation
  • Persistent tracking when view of tracked object is temporarily blocked
  • Tracker assist and auto re-initialisation



SLAnding aid

  • Landing pattern supports operations over a wide variety of ranges
  • Independent of GPS
  • Enables accurate landing in GPS-denied environments
  • Autopilot interfaces to simplify system integration



Detection algorithms

  • Real time onboard MTI
  • Identification of multiple (5) trackable moving objects
  • Identification of multiple (100) very small moving targets
  • Moving object detection from fixed, low angle camera systems = ST mode
  • Histogram difference detection mode finds unique colours within a scene




Video enhancement and overlays

  • Digital zoom
  • Contrast limited adaptive histogram equalisation (CLAHE) and Local area processing (LAP)
  • Local area processing
  • De-noising of video
  • Edge sharpening
  • OSD command
  • Extended 14 bit-depth




Drone and UAV detection

  • Drone, UAV and multi-copter detection
  • Finds small, dynamically manoeuvring airborne vehicles
  • Classification using AI – removes false detections by confirming if object is a drone or another object
  • Real time on-board detection
  • Provides operator situational awareness and effective track initialisation




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