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Introducing Acromag

Acromag is a multi-million dollar international corporation that combines more than 60 years of process monitoring and control experience with a solid background in high-tech computer design.

Established in 1957, Acromag built its reputation designing critical measurement instrumentation equipment for the petrochemical and aerospace industries. Acromag, Inc. was soon recognized internationally as a leading designer of analogue and digital control products for the industrial I/O market.

For Process Instrumentation, Acromag's signal conditioning line features more than 100 transmitters, isolators, alarms, and computation modules. If networked I/O is required, Acromag offers analog and discrete I/O modules for Ethernet, Modbus, and Profibus.

For Real-Time Control Systems, Acromag provides a full line of high-performance analog, digital I/O and serial I/O bus boards for VMEbus, PCI, and CompactPCI® computer systems including IndustryPack® and PMC mezzanine modules.

Products are designed and manufactured in the United States and many Acromag products carry globally recognized agency approvals and safety certifications

Who is Acromag

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Embedded Computing and I/O Boards

The Embedded Computing and I/O Solutions division is focused on high-performance processors, FPGA boards, and I/O products for applications that demand rugged high-performance precise operation.

Acromag's years of experience in designing industrial I/O have given us a clear understanding of the problems associated with industrial measurement and control. Solutions to ground loops, RFI/EMI noise, and temperature drift are designed into every product to assure precise operation in hostile environments. Many products are available with agency approvals such as UL, cUL, FM, CSA, CE, ATEX, and others.

In addition to the over 3,800 products available for shipment, Acromag has 60 years' experience modifying units and producing custom products. Once a modification is defined, Acromag enters it into our documentation system and it becomes available as a standard product. This means that it can be re-ordered at any time in the future simply by using the assigned model number.

Embedded Computing and I/O board products

Embedded Computing

(Embedded processor boards, hard drives, RAID controllers)

  • VME single board computers
  • VPX single board computers
  • VME VPX mass storage
  • Networking and Gigabit Ethernet

FPGA modules

(Reconfigurable computing modules for co-processor applications)

  • AcroPack FPGA modules
  • IndustryPack FPGA modules
  • PMC FPGA modules
  • XMC FPGA modules

Embedded I/O boards

(Analog I/O, digital I/O, serial communication, counters/timers, carrier cards)

  • AcroPack I/O modules
  • IndustryPack I/O modules
  • PMC I/O modules
  • PCI I/O boards
  • CompactPCI I/O boards
  • VPX products

Embedded systems

(COM Express, small form factor computers)

  • Empedded SFF computers
  • COM Express products

Carrier cards

(CompactPCI, COM Express, PCI I/O, PMC, XMC, VME and VPX bus form factors)

  • AcroPack PMCV, XMC and VPX carriers
  • CompactPCI
  • COM Express
  • PCI Express
  • PCI I/O
  • PCM
  • XMC
  • VME
  • VPX

Signal Conditioning products and Industrial Network I/O

The Monitoring and Control Solutions division offers reliable distributed I/O and signal conditioning products that provide the best long term value in the industry. Many Acromag 4-20mA signal splitters and transmitters have been operating in the field for more than 20 years.

Embedded Computing and I/O board products

Ethernet and Network I/O

Acromag's remote I/O products provide a variety of network I/O and distributed control solutions on many of the popular fieldbuses. Analog and discrete I/O modules interface sensors and actuators to controllers on Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus and Hart networks.

  • Ethernet I/O modules
  • Modbus I/O modules
  • Profibus I/O modules
  • Network repeaters

Currect loop isolators and splitters

Signal isolators receive a 4-20mA process current inputs and provide an isolated 4-20mA output signal. One multi-channel units, each channel operates independently and is isolated from the others to prevent interaction between channels. Galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, reduces noise, and blocks trasient signals.

Signal spliters receive a 4-20mA process current inputs and provide two isolated 4-20mA output signals. Each channel operates independently and is isololated from the others to prevent interaction between channels. Galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, reduces noise, and blocks trasient signals.

  • 4-20mA Isolators
  • 4-20mA Splitters
  • USB Isolators

Signal conditioners

Acromag signal conditioner products include process transmitters, 4-20mA signal isolators, limit alarms, panel meters, and math computation modules. These signal conditioning products isolate, amplify, condition, filter and convert measured signals from sensors and other instruments. Thde enhanced signal is ready for interfacing to your PLC, DCS, display, recorcer or other process control instrumentation.

  • Transmitters & Converters
  • Limit alarms
  • Math / Computation
  • Panel meters
  • microBlox I/O modules
  • SP series splitters
  • DT series transformers

Ethernet switches & Converters

These industrial-grade switches provide reliablenetwork communication.Select managed or unmanaged models for copper or fibre oprtic cables.

Software & Accessories

Function Libraries

Various tools and driver examples available for Embedded Boards and Network I/O products including an application programming interface with function routines for AcroPack modules/carriers. Customizable for various operating systems.

Includes Windows, Linux, and VxWorks support for I/O and FPGA products.

  • Windows 8.1 & 10.
  • Source code for Linux/VxWorks distributions.
  • Linux Fedora 29 – all old Kernel changes are documented
  • VxWorks 6.9 for Legacy products / 7.x for new
  • All software includes example programs for easy out of box experience.

Software support

  • For faster and easier development, Acromag provides a variety of function libabries for Windows, Linux, VxWorks, and other operating systems.


  • Acromag provides a broad selection of hardware accessories to simplify the use of our I/O boards. This collection of panels, cables and adapters facilitate field wiring and cabling.


Get in touch

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the Acromag product range or to discuss your project with an I/O embedded computing expert.

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