Corporate responsibility



While the management of Acal BFi are primarily accountable to discoverIE Group plc, as shareholder, in managing the business, they also take into account all stakeholders, including employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the local communities and environment in which they operate. In a balanced way, and without unnecessarily restricting the optimisation of returns, they endeavour to identify and manage any risks to the value of Acal BFi's business from social, environmental and ethical matters, and to take any opportunities presented by a sensible and considerate approach to such matters to enhance shareholder value.

The Board of Acal BFi have adopted policies in relation to corporate social matters, and day-to-day responsibility for implementation of these policies is delegated to the management of operating companies that, for financial reporting purposes, comprise the Electronics Division of discoverIE Group plc. In implementing these policies, Acal BFi endeavour to ensure the cost of managing risks is proportionate to their significance to Acal BFi and their business partners.

Management at all levels in the organisation are committed to taking account of their corporate social responsibility in their actions, endeavour to show due respect for human rights, and work to high standards of integrity and ethical propriety. As a multinational organisation, Acal BFi take account of cultural differences between the various territories in which they operate.


Acal BFi provide equal opportunities to all employees and prospective employees, and do not discriminate on grounds of colour, ethnic origin, gender, age, religion, political or other opinion, disability or sexual orientation.

Clear and fair terms of employment as well as a fair and competitive remuneration policy are put in place. Employees are encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills and to progress their careers to the mutual benefit of themselves and the companies they work for. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that they comply with all local regulations including those relating to the employment of underage staff. Local business units are responsible for developing and implementing effective arrangements for employee communication.

A great deal of importance is attached to the provision of clean, healthy and safe working conditions. In addition to compliance with all local regulations, Acal BFi promote working practices which protect the health and safety of their employees and other persons who come on to their premises. They endeavour to protect employees from, and do not tolerate any, sexual, physical or mental harassment. Health and safety matters are kept under regular review by local management and by management committees.

A 'whistle-blowing' policy operates, whereby employees may report in confidence any suspected wrongdoing.

Full consideration is given to applications for employment from disabled persons where the candidate's particular aptitudes and abilities are consistent with adequately meeting the requirements of the job. Opportunities are available to disabled employees for training, career development and promotion.

Where existing employees become disabled, it is the policy to provide continuing employment wherever practicable in the same or an alternative position, and to provide appropriate training to achieve this aim.

Business relationships

Acal BFi seek to be honest, fair and competitive in their relationships with all customers and suppliers. Every attempt is made to ensure that products and services are provided to the agreed standards and all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety and quality of the goods and services provided. Payment is made to suppliers in accordance with the agreed terms, the relevant goods or services having been satisfactorily delivered. It is Acal BFi's policy that no-one within the Electronics Division should offer or accept any bribes or other corrupt payments, engage in any anti-competitive practices or knowingly be involved in any fraud or money laundering.

So far as they are able to and taking into account local cultural and regulatory differences, Acal BFi encourage organisations and people with whom they do business to abide by principles of good practice in relation to their corporate social responsibility.

Community and environment

Acal BFi aim to be sensitive to the local community's cultural, social and economic needs, and seek to ensure their activities do not harm the communities as places to work and live in. They seek to ensure that their operations do not have a negative impact on the environment. Apart from compliance with all local environmental regulations, they endeavour to promote the effective management of natural resources and encourage energy efficient as well as waste minimisation and recycling where economically viable means of doing so are available.

Although the vast majority of products Acal BFi deal with are non-hazardous, where such products are involved they minimise the environmental risks by use of appropriate labelling and technical information in conjunction with proper training and procedures for the handling, storage and disposal of such products. The Group are mindful of the Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2004 and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations, and have implemented procedures to comply with them.

Health and safety

The Board of Directors of Acal BFi UK Limited recognise and accept their responsibility as an employer, within the discoverIE Group plc, to conduct the affairs of the Company in such a way that the health and safety of their employees, and those who may be affected by their operations, will not, in so far as is reasonably practicable, be put at risk.

As a responsible employer, Acal BFi UK Limited are committed to meeting the legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and relevant legislation, in so far as is reasonably practicable, by providing and taking action to:

  • appraise the discoverIE Group plc Board of Directors of all the health and safety actions of Acal BFi UK Limited
  • promote the effectiveness of the policy
  • define areas of responsibility for health and safety
  • provide adequate training for all levels of employment
  • extend the provisions of the policy to those persons attending any site or premises under the control of the Company
  • provide the necessary resources to enable the policy to be effectively carried out, including the provision of competent technical advice on all matters of health and safety, and
  • ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees whilst undertaking their duties and functions.

Health and safety statement of intent (PDF)

Corporate social responsibility (PDF)

Modern slavery act (PDF)

Counterfeit product prevention policy (PDF)

Anti-bribery (PDF)

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