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  • Qioptiq fibre-coupled iFLEX-iRIS

    Compact, ultra-stable, single-wavelength, fibre-coupled laser, 445nm, 50mW

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  • Qioptic iFlex iRIS

    Compact, ultra-stable, single-wavelength laser, 515nm, 60mW

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  • Qioptiq fibre-coupled iFLEX-Gemini

    Compact, ultra-stable, dual-wavelength, fibre-coupled laser, 445/515nm, 30/30mW

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    Goniophotometer, 2 Axis, LabSpion

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  • COHERENT BeamMaster Beam Profiler

    Laser Beam Profiler, CW, 5mm Aperture with 7 Knife-edge, InGaAs Detector

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  • Coherent LaserCam-HRII Beam Profiling Camera

    Laser Beam Profiler, 190-1100nm, 2/3 inches CCD Camera, CW and Pulsed mode

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  • NA-000765

    Qioptiq’s world-class laser technology is now available with Acal BFi’s specialist technical integration and design expertise

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  • IR_spectroscopy_brochure_NI

    New Acal BFi IR spectroscopy brochure now available

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  • NA-000549_NI

    Download the Altechna laser optics catalogue

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