Work with us and use our dedicated pre-compliance testing facility

EMC test chamber

For customers who develop their designs alongside the Acal BFi team, we offer the use of our dedicated pre-compliance testing facility, established in-house at our Wokingham base. Our EMC facility is a fully screened 3m test chamber that supports testing for conducted and radiated emissions, fast transient burst and electrostatic discharge immunity and mains power harmonic analysis.

Testing to compliance standards

Using our testing chamber gives you the opportunity to see whether your design will meet the relevant compliance standards. We are able to test to most international standards such as; EN55014, EN55022, FCC and Mil-Std-461 up to 1GHz for emissions, EN61000-4-2 and EN61000-4-4 for immunity and EN61000-3-3 for conducted harmonics, as well as Mil-Std-461 for emissions, giving you the confidence that the results you get with our pre-compliance process will allow you to achieve compliance with your design, or make any changes that are needed, saving both time and money.

Private pre-compliance testing can be expensive to use and difficult to find, particularly if you need to return for further testing after making design alterations. As an Acal BFi customer, you have access to our facility during the whole of your project. With years of experience at their fingertips, our expert application engineers will help you throughout the process, identifying areas of risk, and giving you advice during testing.

Effective risk management

Our role is to help you identify, source and benefit from the wide range of specialist components that we supply. In addition, we are committed to helping you at every stage of your product development, including assessing your design against compliance standards and advising on devices and testing that will help you to reduce time to market and save money on your overall bill of materials. By working closely with Acal BFi, you can benefit from our knowledge, experience and relationships with manufacturers and agencies around the world.

EMC Facility - overview

  • 3 metre fully screened chamber (metal clad)
  • Advantest R4131D Spectrum analyser receiver
  • Chase LISN for AC and DC conducted emissions
  • Chase Near Field probes
  • Chase UPA6190B broad band Log Antenna
  • Schaffner NSG435 static generator
  • Schaffner NSG 2025 Burst Transient generator
  • Schaffner coupling clamp
  • PM3000A power analyser (single & 3 phase)
  • PM100A single phase power analyser
  • BNG-2705 Burst generator
  • Teseq Windows control software 

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