Flexible heating solutions

Flexible heaters

Acal BFi supply a range of flexible heating solutions from leading manufacturers. Applicable to both 2D and 3D environments, we can produce these mats in any shape or size, customising them to your requirements.

Types of heating mat

We work with several types of heating mat, allowing us to recommend the best solution for your needs. The two main technologies are wire-wound and etch foil. Both these technologies are often encased in silicone rubber, which responds quickly to temperature changes and has excellent electrical insulation. Other dielectrics include Kapton, Polyester and transparent PET Polyester.

Wire-wound heaters are often used for prototyping and problem solving during the design process, using evenly spaced resistance wires to produce reliable and constant temperatures.

Etch foil uses chemically-etched foil tracks which are designed by computer. These tracks are laminated between silicone sheets and offer precise temperature control and rapid heating. Both wire-wound and etch foil technologies are available in any size and shape and are tested for temperature tolerance from -60°C to 220°C.

Flexible heating mats for any application

Available in varying thicknesses, from 0.7-3mm, these heaters are extremely useful across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, military applications, scientific instruments and many more. In fact, wherever controllable heating is required, the heating mats can help.

Acal BFi engineering and support

The flexible heating mats we supply are highly customisable. Several mats can be fitted inside a single jacket, allowing varying temperatures to be applied constantly and reliably to different sections of your design. We can help you with the sourcing and design of your heating mat and, with over 20 years' experience in this market, we have the knowledge to supply you at any point in your project as well as the capability to integrate your heating mat into a full enclosure or with our other components such as temperature sensors, specialist cable assemblies, and connectors to create a full-service solution.

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