Attracted to magnetic components?

Ferroxcube core

Choose Acal BFi to access a complete range of complementary products – and over 40 years’ experience.

Acal BFi are the largest technical sales and distribution company in Europe for magnetic components. Using experience gained over 40 years in the market, we offer you a comprehensive range of products that meet all your needs. Our close relationships with world-class manufacturers means we can help you source, customise, stock and integrate magnetic components for your project.

Four options, one service

Our magnetic components division supplies much more than off-the-shelf components. Instead, our business is split into four distinct sections, offering you the ability to mix and match to your exact requirements:

  • materials
  • accessories
  • logistics, and
  • customised services. 

Within our materials section you’ll find everything you need for your product design, including nano-crystalline, iron-based amorphous materials, ferrite and molypermalloy powder (MPP). Match these with the accessories you need, including baseplates, housings, bobbins, toroid mounts and more.

Then talk to us about logistics. We can develop customised stock plans, store components until you are ready for delivery – including a dedicated warehouse in Asia – and supply sample components for prototype and pre-production needs.

Our customised services help set us above the competition. We can customise components for your specific requirements, provide experienced design support and work with you throughout design and into production to make sure you can deliver to your customers.

Trust us with your magnetic components supply

When you work with Acal BFi, you can trust us to have your business’s interests at heart. Our experience, technical expertise, flexible approach and rapid response allow you to concentrate on fulfilling your customers’ brief with confidence.

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