Acal BFi and Viso Systems extend exclusive distribution agreement

Acal BFi and Viso Systems extend exclusive distribution agreement Acal BFi are pleased to announce the extension of the exclusive distribution agreement with lighting control and measurement company, Viso Systems, to include the additional territories of France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Measure any light source in seconds

Viso Systems develop, design and manufacture innovative lighting control and measurement technologies. These include the pioneering LightSpion and LabSpion range that can measure any light source within a few seconds with no expert knowledge required. Measurements include lumen, beam angle, CRI, colour temperature and lumen per watt.

Expert local support

Acal BFi have been in the photonics industry since 1973, and our technical experts work closely with customers to help meet their key technical and commercial needs.

"Viso are pleased to partner with Acal BFi to distribute our product lines in more territories", said Christian Krause, Director at Viso. "Acal BFi’s reputation for bringing unique, high quality products and services to European markets, whilst supporting customers with demonstrations, training and installations, combined with our innovative manufacturing and test capabilities, enables both Acal BFi and Viso to expand our market opportunities and at the same time enhance our ability to meet the needs of our busy customers."

Affordable and easy to use

"This agreement comes after a successful two year partnership in Germany and will allow both companies to work even more closely together to provide the latest, most innovative optical products to our customers", comments Jean-Claude Sanudo, Photonics Business Development Director at Acal BFi. "The Viso range greatly complements Acal BFi’s current portfolio; their products make light characterisation affordable and easy to use for non-specialists, whilst also providing the accuracy and reliability required for the most demanding environments and applications."

LightSpion portable goniometer - get accurate measurements in 30 seconds

The LightSpion goniometer measures light sources of up to 8cm in diamete, or 22cm when used with an additional extender). Measure lumen, beam angle, CRI, colour temperature and lumen per watt.

High accuracy in a small package

The system includes a pre-calibrated full spectra spectrometer (360nm-830nm) and a high precision goniometer giving full 360° photometric field distribution, in addition to calculating integrated CRI, color temperature and complete luminous flux in lumens. A built-in high-speed 70K/sec sample power analyser measures voltage and current, and instantly provides precise power measurements including efficiency in lumens/watt.

Light inspector software

The systems also comes with the Viso Light Inspector software that connects via USB to a computer. The software illustrates data in a clear and simple way, and allows the user to view detailed information in a single click. Measurements can be exported to IES, LDT, PDF, PNG, or CVS files, providing a complete solution for technicians and lighting designers.

Easy to support EU regulations

The LightSpion also supports new EU regulations (EU No 1194/2012) which require directional lamps to be measured in a 90° or 120° cone. Just select the right setting, and the measurements are calculated automatically.

LightSpion portable goniometer from Viso Systems

LabSpion goniometer - eliminate the need for a dark room

The LabSpion enables you to fully measure any light source quickly in one or more C-planes.

Based around a direconal spectrometer sensor, the user can capture light measurements without the need of a dark room. Utilise any space at your disposal - you only require a dark backdrop.

The LabSpion includes a full spectraspectrometry sensor and a built-in 70K/sec sample power analyser in order to give a truly accurate light measurement.

Everything you need in a single unit

Free from complex racks, the goniometer drivers, power analyser, and sensor data links are all built-in. An integrated laser allows for quick set up, and the main board can be easily detached from the unit for servicing.

Light inspector software

The LabSpion also comes with the Viso Light Inspector software that connects via USB to a computer. Illustrating data in a clear and simple layout, users can export measurements in IES, LDT, PDF, PNG, or CVS formats.

LabSpion goniometer from Viso Systems

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