A breakthrough, new design process for Powder Core Inductors

A breakthrough, new design process for Powder Core InductorsAcal BFi advances technology through innovation by supporting designers with their applications and developing new, custom solutions. Our internship programme sees the next generation of engineers complete their academic studies with real-world experience at our Custom Services for Magnetics Components centre in Germany.

As part of the programme, our most recent intern, Enes Erdoel, successfully developed a pioneering new tool for the design of Powder Core Inductors. By taking into account external factors omitted by the traditional analytical approach, Enes’ solution enables CSfMC engineers to increase design accuracy, improve development timescales and reduce overall costs.

Improving accuracy with a simpler process

Traditionally, designers and engineers mainly used the analytical approach to design chokes. Although it provides a good-degree of accuracy, it does have some limitations, such as not considering the effects of unequal flux density-distribution within the core and flux leakage. This stage is normally followed by prototyping, which can be a costly, lengthy and labour intensive process.

Instead of prototyping, design concepts derived from analytical calculations can be proven by numerical methods. This takes into account the unequal distribution of flux density inside the core and its leakage for the inductance calculation, and enables engineers to visualise the performance of the design. However, this remains a time-consuming and resource intensive process.

Enes’ thesis aimed to address these issues by creating a new, more efficient approach with the support of experts from Acal BFi.

Built on the GNU Octave and FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics) programs, the tool only requires five criteria from the analytical design process – the number of turns, wire size, and the core shape, size and material – to produce a 2-dimensional digital model of the core, instantly calculating and displaying the magnetic field and flux across it, enabling engineers to efficiently analyse the performance of their design.

Instant digital prototypes

This digital model of the core provides a breakthrough in the design process. Taking into account real-world physical effects, the cost and time requirements of producing unsuitable physical prototypes can be avoided, to the immediate benefit of customers.

By creating a highly accurate digital prototype, the design can be rapidly analysed and instantly developed by our engineers, reducing removing the resource requirements of producing, testing and refining physical prototypes. This immediately and directly benefits Acal BFi customers, who can have their designs finalised in a shorter timescale without sacrificing accuracy or increasing development costs.

Acal BFi CSfMC engineers have found Enes’ new tool to be both highly accurate and effective with customer designs.

Enes returned to Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in August 2017 and has since successfully completed his Bachelor studies.

The new tool creates a digital prototype to show the properties and performance of your design instantly.
The new tool creates a digital prototype to show the properties and performance of your design instantly.

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