Acal BFi EV-Charging solutions

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An electric vehicle (EV) charging system's core design is the power conversion module. Some customers have the expertise and capability to design and produce the power module, others buy directly from an experienced partner.

In either approach, there will be a system design that includes all the necessary features for effective charging management. We offer a portfolio of specialist magnetic, power, wireless, sensors, imaging, and photonics technologies from carefully selected partners.

To discover how we can help, we have outlined two routes, board-level, and system-level integration.

Our approach

Together, with our Field Sales engineers, we can support you at every stage of your design process, from concept to production, creating a unique electric vehicle charging system to meet the industries growing needs. Our approach to achieving this is simple: Consult. Design. Integrate delivered with the support of our Technology Centres.

We have access to market-leading customised magnetic components manufacturer specialists such as Myrra, Flux, and Noratel. You will receive the same technical support and competitive prices. Our in-depth experience with customised power supplies and magnetic components is a clear advantage when designing products for EV charging applications.

Temperature sensors in EV charging stations are crucial as they help in monitoring and managing the thermal conditions to ensure safety, enhance efficiency, and prolong the lifespan of both the charging infrastructure and the connected electric vehicles.

Magnetic components in EV chargers play a fundamental role in ensuring efficient energy transfer, filtering electrical noise, and providing isolation between circuits, which are essential for the safe and effective operation of the charging stations and the protection of both the vehicle and the electrical grid.

Wireless communication technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular modules are vital in EV charging stations as they enable real-time monitoring, remote control, and seamless data transmission between the station, electric vehicles, and central management systems, thus enhancing operational efficiency, user experience, and ensuring timely maintenance.

Technology Centres

Acal BFi Technology Centres

  • Technology Centres foster a consultative, design-led approach to aid in EV charger development.
  • Expert teams in each centre advance technological expertise to provide custom solutions.
  • Key technology domains covered:
    • IoT and Wireless Technology: Ensuring real-time monitoring and data transmission.
    • Interconnect and Cable Assembly: Custom design and assembly for various applications.
    • Fibre Optics: Enhancing connections in high-speed environments.
    • Infrared Imaging: Delivering advanced solutions for imaging challenges.
    • Magnetics: Essential for efficient energy transfer and circuit isolation.
    • Power Supply: Customized power solutions ranging from 1W to 25kW and up to 100kV.
    • Embedded Computing: End-to-end support for embedded solutions, from design to calibration.