Evaluation Kit for VS1000 Accelerometer Series

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Manufacturer Colibrys

Safran Colibrys

Description :

The EVBA_2.0 is a plug and play Evaluation Kit for Colibrys VS1000 accelerometers line. To facilitate the integration in user environment and easily verify the excellent performances of VS1000 sensors, EVBA_2.0 integrates a VS1000 sensor with the user specified range, an ultra-low-noise, high-accuracy 3.3V voltage reference, the decoupling capacitors and output buffers.

The kit includes:

  • 1 analog evaluation board with soldered VS1000 of corresponding G range (evaluation board contains electronic circuits to achieve a preliminary signal conditioning)
  • 2 connectors: 1 header connector (14 pins) / 1 mating connector (14 pins) with ~13 cm length signal cable ribbon

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  • Low noise power supply management, converting +5V to 3.3V
  • Output signal conditioning
  • buffers to enable the use of long lines between the sensor and the user electronic
  • low-pass filters with cutting frequency
  • Easy system integration – 4 fixing holes for mechanical fixture
  • Industrial interface (14 pins)
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Supply Voltage Range (V) 5 to 3.3  

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Typical Supply Current (mA) 3  
Full Scale range (g) ±2  

Evaluation Kit for VS1000 Accelerometer Series

Full scale acceleration
Frequency range (±5%)
±2 g
0-700 Hz
±5 g
0-1150 Hz
±10 g
0-2000 Hz
±30 g
0-2300 Hz
±50 g
0-2700 Hz
±100 g
0-2900 Hz
±200 g
0-2500 Hz