NTC Gold Electrode Type PSB-S9 Thermistor

Shibaura PB-36-SD1 Gold Electrode Type PSB-S1 Thermistor

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Manufacturer Shibaura


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The PSB-S9 NTC thermistor family from Shibaura is possibly the world's smallest glass-sealed thermistor with a diameter of just 0.43mm. The micro-sized thermistor chip offers a fast response time of 0.6 seconds in still air along with high accuracy and stability. With an operating temperature range of -50OC to 250OC the PSB-9's leads are coated with a polyimide insulation as standard.

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  • Fast response time, 1s time constant.
  • Outer diameter 0.43mm.
  • Micro-sized thermistor chip with high speed response, high accuracy and high stability.
  • Suitable for instruments & super micro tubes requiring high speed response and for measuring temperature at narrow space: Catheters for medical use, high responsive sensors for toner drum of copying machine/printers, non-contact sensors, extrafine metal protecting tube.
  • Polyimide coating as standard.
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B Value (K) 3450  

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B Value Tolerance (%) ± 2  
B Value Temperature Range (°C) 0 to 100  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance (kΩ) 10.74  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance (Temperature (°C)) 25  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance Tolerance (%) ± 5  
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -50 to 250  
Thermal Time Constant (s) (In Still Air) 0.6 (0.6)  
Dissipation Constant (In Still Air) (mW/°C) 0.15  
Diameter 0.43 ± 0.1 mm  
Lead Length 50 ± 3 mm