Custom Temperature Sensors

TEWA TT4-G10KC3-49-200 Custom Temperature Sensors

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Manufacturer Tewa


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Tewa Electronics Group offers wide range of standard and customized temperature sensors designed according to individual customer's requirements covering applications in temperature range between -80°C and +800°C. TT4 Series Group contains temperature sensors build using NTC/PTC thermistors, PTRTDs and other sensing elements.

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  • Proven Stability and Reliability.
  • Low cost.
  • Variety of metal and plastic housings and tubings designed for specific applications.
  • Potted with different kinds of resin for good sensor protection.
  • Available with special kinds of cables (2-core cables or stranded with PVC, Teflon or Kynar insulation cables with screen & other), connectors and other attachments.
  • Provides good protection from the environment conditions.
  • Proven high voltage strength and dynamic strength.
  • Wide range of Resistance/Temperature characteristics.
  • Designed for temperature measurement, control and compensation.
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B Value (K) 3970  

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B Value Tolerance (%) ± 1  
B Value Temperature Range (°C) 100 to 200  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance (kΩ) 10  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance (Temperature (°C)) 25  
Nominal Zero-Power Resistance Tolerance (%) ± 1  
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 125  
Diameter 8 mm  
Lead Length 200 ± 10 mm