Wing Union/Hammer Union Pressure Sensor

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Manufacturer Honeywell

Honeywell - Sensors

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Honeywell's Model 425 wing union/hammer union pressure sensors are rugged devices designed for use with Weco® 1502 fittings for both offshore and land-based oil and gas applications.

Available in two accuracy levels [±0.2 % BFSL (Best Fit Straight Line) - Standard] or (±0.1 % BFSL - High Accuracy), Model 425 is typically used in demanding applications such as well stimulation and circulation systems. The higher accuracy option at ±0.1 % full scale provides more confidence in the actual measured pressure value, particularly for smaller changes in pressure, allowing drilling operation adjustments as needed.

Model 425 is constructed as an all-welded, stainless steel assembly with the sensor diaphragm and wing union fitting machined as one part. This helps ensure hermetic integrity, which lessens the chance of media leakage vs. multi-piece parts, and increases reliability. The isolated, pressure sensing diaphragm minimizes zero-shift during hammer up and eliminates long term, signal drift in the field. The Weco® 1502 (2 in) Wing Union compatible fittings are machined of Inconel® X-750, which provides additional durability with highly abrasive and corrosive media, while the Honeywell proprietary stainless steel electrical connection delivers enhanced secondary pressure containment.

Each sensor undergoes special assembly processes to test shock and vibration for reliable performance in the field.

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  • ±0.1 % high accuracy BFSL; ±0.2 % standard accuracy BFSL
  • All-welded one-piece, hermetically sealed, stainless-steel construction
  • Inconel® X-750 wetted parts for additional durability with abrasive or corrosive media
  • Multiple electrical connections
  • Optional one-wire (with IS approval) or two-wire (without IS approval) shunt calibration allows users the ability to validate the offset signal in the field, ensuring the sensor is actively plugged into the system
  • RFI/EMI protected
  • Intrinsically safe
  • CE approved; CSA/ATEX certification
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Pressure Range 0 to 20000 psi  

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Accuracy ± 0.1 % BFSL (High); ± 0.2 % BFSL (Standard)  
Media Measured Corrosive and Abrasive Service, Inconel® X-750  
Response Time 14 ms  
Supply Voltage (V) 9 to 28  
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -43 to 85