PWM DC/DC Converter IC

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Manufacturer New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio

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The NJM2374A is a PWM DC/DC converter IC. It features fixed frequency type PWM control for better noise handling and to avoid intermittent oscillation observed in a simplified controller. It is suitable for Step-Up, Step-Down and Inverting applications for EMI sensitive application.

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  • Operating Voltage (2.5V* to 40V)
  • NJM2374AE Operating Voltage (2.5V* to 48V)
  • Wide Oscillator Frequency (100Hz to 100kHz)
  • Internal High Power Transistor (1.5A(max.))
  • Internal Over Current Limit Circuit
  • PWM form Switching Power Supply Control
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (DIP8, DMP8, SOP8 JEDEC 150mil, SSOP14)
  • *Ta =25℃. At low temperature, the minimum voltage is 3.0V.
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Switching frequency (kHz) 100  

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Max Input Voltage (V) 40  
Output Voltage (V) 40  
Typ. Active Current (µA) 2.8  
Output Capacitor Type Timing Capacitor  
Output Current (mA) 1500  
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +85  
Package SOP-8