High Temperature Quad Analogue Switch

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Manufacturer Honeywell

Honeywell - Magnetic

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The HT1204 monolithic quad analogue switch consists of four independently controlled switches capable of switching either analog or digital signals over an extremely wide temperature range. It is fabricated with Honeywell's dielectrically isolated high temperature HTMOS™ linear process, and is designed specifically for use in systems operating in sever high temperature environments. All parts are burned in at 250°C.

These switches provide guaranteed performance over the full -55 to +225°C temperature range. Typically, parts will operate up to +300°C for a year, with derated performance. High temperature applications such as signal gating, chopping, modulation, demodulation, and multiplexing are all possible with the HT1204.

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  • Specified Over -55 to +225°CC
  • Output Current up to 500 mA
  • Calibrated +15V Output
  • Input Voltage up to 28V
  • 1.5 mA Quiescent Current
  • Current Limit Short Circuit Protection
  • Hermetic 4-Pin Power Package
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  • Applications: Down-Hole Well, Avionics, Turbine Engine Control, Industrial Process Control, Nuclear Reactor, Electric Power Conversion, Heavy Duty Internal Combustion Engines
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Number of Channels 4  

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Typical On-Resistance (mΩ) 100000  
Voltage In (V) 11  
Package (mm) DIP-14