High Temperature Analogue Multiplexers, 8-Channel Differential

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Manufacturer Honeywell

Honeywell - Magnetic

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The High Temperature HT507 monolithic multiplexers consist of sixteen analog switches, 4-bit decode for channel selection, reference for logic switching thresholds, and enable pin for device deactivation where applications require. The HT507 switches one of the eight differential inputs to a differential output. These parts are available in standard pinout 28-pin DIP Ceramic Packages. These multiplexers are fabricated with Honeywell's dielectrically isolated latch-up free high temperature (HTMOS™) linear process. Performance is specified over the full -55 to +225°C temperature range. Typically, parts will operate up to +300°C for a year, with derated performance. All parts are burned in at 250°C. The input buffers are designed to operate from either TTL or CMOS levels while providing a break-before-make action.

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  • Specified Over -55 to +225°C
  • Hermetic 14-Lead Ceramic DIP
  • Worst Case Leakage 500nA at 225°C
  • Latch-up Free Design with Dielectric Isolation
  • Low Control Input Current
  • Individual Switch Controls
  • High Degree of Linearity
  • CMOS Logic Levels
  • Low Crosstalk Between Switches
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  • Applications: Down-Hole Oil Well , Turbine Engine Control , Avionics , Industrial Process Control , Nuclear Reactor , Electric Power Conversion , Heavy Duty Internal Combustion Engine

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Number of Channels 8  

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Typical On-Resistance (mΩ) 400000  
Voltage In (V) 10  
Package (mm) DIP-28