Adjustable Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

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Manufacturer New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio

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The NJM2387A is an adjustable low dropout voltage regulator. The output current is up to 1.0A and dropout voltage is 0.2V typ. at Io=0.5A.OFF control quiescent current is drastically reduced compare with the current NJM2387 through changing ON/OFF control circuit. The NJM2387A is suitable for power module, TV, Display, car stereo and low power applications.

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  • Low Dropout Voltage (∆VI-O=0.2V typ. at Io=0.5A)
  • Output Current (Io(max.)=1.0A)
  • Reference Voltage (Vref=1.26V ± 2%)
  • OFF Control Quiescent Current (1μA max.)
  • ON/OFF Control
  • Internal Short Circuit Current Limit
  • Internal Overvoltage Protection
  • Internal Thermal Overload Protection
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (TO-252-5-L3)
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Max Input Voltage (V) 35  

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Output Voltage (V) 1.5 to 20  
Typ. Dropout Voltage @ Max. lout (mV) 200  
Typ. Output Voltage Accuracy (%) ± 2  
Output Current (mA) 1000  
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to 85  
Package TO-252-5