1/4 Duty LCD Driver with Key Scan

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Manufacturer New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio

Description :

The NJU6436 is a 1/4 duty LCD driver for segment type LCD panel with key scanning, IR receiving and LED driving function.

The LCD driver consists of 4-common and 60-segment drives up to 240 segments and LED driver drives 1 LED which can use like as power on indicator.

The key scan function scanning up to 30 keys of the 6x5 matrix and the Ir receiving function recover the input wave shape. The key scanning data and IR receiving data are transferred to the MPU serially.

The NJU6436 incorporate all of the function required front panel, therefore it is easy to apply car mounted audio, general audio and other products which have a display and key input on the front panel.

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  • 60-Segment Drivers
  • Duty Ratio 1/4 Duty (Up to 240 Segments)
  • 30 Key Scan Function (6x5 Matrix)
  • Serial Data Transmission (Shift Clock 2MHz max.)
  • Power-On Initialization
  • Display Off Function (INH Terminal)
  • LED Drive Function
  • IR Receiving Function
  • Operating Voltage (5V±10%)
  • Package Outline (QFP 100)
  • C-M0S Technology
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Drives Number of Segments 60  

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On-chip Oscillator Yes  
Control Lines Required Yes  
Operating Temperature (°C) -30 to 85  
Package QFP-100