144-pin SDRAM Modules ZEUS3

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Manufacturer Swissbit


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This Swissbit Germany module family are industry standard 144-pin 8-byte Synchronous SDRAM Small Outline Dual-In-line Memory Modules (SO-DIMMs) which are organized as x 64 high speed memory arrays designed for use in non parity applications. These SO-DIMMs are assembled in Chip-On-Board Technology. The passive devices and the EEPROMs are SMD components.

The DIMMs use optional serial presence detects (SPD) implemented via serial EEPROM using the two pin I²C protocol . The first 128 bytes are utilized by the DIMM manufacturer and the second 128 bytes are available to the end user.

All Swissbit Germany SO-DIMMs provide a high performance, flexible 8-byte interface in a 67.6 mm long footprint.

All modules of the extended temperature grade have seen special tests during the manufacturing process to ensure proper operation according to the field of operation as stated in the environmental conditions.

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  • 144-pin 64-bit Small Outline Dual-In-Line Synchronous DRAM Modules for industrial applications
  • SDRAM component base: MICRON MT48LC32M8A2Y16Y
  • Single +3.3V (±0.3V) power supply
  • Programmable CAS Latency, Burst Length, and Wrap Sequence
  • Auto Refresh (CBR) and Self Refresh
  • 8k Refresh every 64ms
  • All inputs and outputs are LVTTL compatible
  • Serial Presence Detect with EEPROM
  • Gold-contact pad
  • This module family is fully pin and functional compatible with the INTEL SO-DIMM specification. (see www.intel.com)
  • The pcb and all components are manufactured according to the RoHS compliance specification [EU Directive 2002/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)]
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Form Factor 144 Pin SODIMM  
ECC No  
Density 512 MB  
Organisation x64  
Height 1 in  
Voltage 3.3 V  
Pins 144  
Package COB