TruSurroundTM 3D Audio Processor

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Manufacturer New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio

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The NJM2180 is a TruSurroundTM 3D audio processor. It regenerates full surround sound field from two speakers by the TruSurround Virtualizer when either 5.1 channels by Dolby Digital or 4 channels by Dolby Pro Logic signal is input.

The NJM2180 also performs the SRS 3D-STEREO. In this mode,NJM2180 regenerates a 3D sound field from normal L/R input.

In addition, the NJM2180 includes 2-type BYPASS mode THROUGH and MIX DOWN. In THRUOGH mode, the NJM2180 output 5.1 channels(max.) without any processing and in MIX DOWN mode, the NJM2180 output normal 2 channels stereo signal from 4 or 5.1 channels input

The NJM2180 is suitable for TV, mini component, CD radio cassette, multimedia speaker systems and others.

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  • Operating Voltage (4.7 to 13V)
  • Maximum Input Voltage(2.1Vrms typ. at TRU_4 mode, V+≧11V)
  • Low Output Noise (35μVrms typ. at TRU_4 mode)
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (SDIP30, SDMP30)
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Package Outline SDIP-30