Stereo Modulator

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Manufacturer New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio

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The NJM2035 is an integrated circuit used to generate a stereo composite signal and obtain switching output and 19kHz pilot signal due to two input audio signal and 38kHz X-tal and a few external CR.

The NJM2035 operates at 1.5V battery typically and even at 1.2V obtains separation more than 25dB.

NJM2035 can generate stereo multiplex signal easily by combination battery generator section.

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  • Low Operating Voltage (V+≥1.0V)
  • Low Operating Current (ICC≤3.0mA)
  • High Separation (SEP≥25dB)
  • Separation Adjustable
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (DIP14, DMP14)
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Package Outline DMP-14