KOOL MU 125 PERM 46.7mm OD

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Manufacturer Magnetics Inc

Magnetics Inc

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The 0077438A7 is a Toroid core manufactured using Kool Mu material. Magnetics Kool Mu cores are distributed air gap cores made from a 85% Iron, 9% Silicon, and 6% Aluminium alloy powder for low losses at elevated frequencies. Kool Mµ® material's low loss and relatively high saturation level (10,500 gauss) make it excellent for use in power factor correction circuits (PFC) as well as unidirectional drive applications such as Pulse Transformers and Flyback Transformers. The near zero magnetostriction makes Kool Mµ ideal for eliminating audible frequency noise in In-Line Noise Filters and Inductors.

The dimensions are ID min 23.3mm, OD max 47.63mm, HT max 19mm.

The short part number is 77438-A7

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  • High Saturation
  • Lower core loss than Powdered Iron (see graph below)
  • Moderate cost
  • Low Magnetostriction
  • Very high Curie temperature
  • Stable performance with temperature
  • Variety of shapes available (E Cores, U Cores, Blocks, Segmented Cores, etc.)
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Material Kool Mu  

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Shape Toroid  
Al (nH/T2) 281  
Permeability 125  
Le (mm) 107  
Ae (mm²) 199  
Ve (mm³) 21300