Sp9T Antenna Switch Gaas Mmic

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Manufacturer New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio

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The NJG1672LK4 is a GaAs SP9T antenna switch IC for GSM/TD-SCDMA multi-band handsets. The IC contains a MMIC switch die with on-chip logic circuits and a LTCC substrate with built-in three LPFs on GSM/TD-SCDMA transmit paths for suppression of transmitter harmonics. This switch IC features very low harmonics, low insertion loss, high Isolation and small package size. This IC has ESD protection devices to achieve excellent ESD performance. No DC Blocking capacitors are required for RF ports.

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  • Built-in three LPFs (
  • Attenuation 35/32/30dB typ. on GSM850/900 TX@2fo/3fo/4fo
  • Attenuation 32/45 dB typ. on GSM1800/1900 TX@2fo/3fo
  • Attenuation 35 dB typ. on LCR TX@2fo/3fo)
  • Low harmonics (
  • -78/-75dBc typ. on GSM850/900 TX@2fo/3fo, Pin=+35dBm,VDD=2.7V
  • -85dBc typ. on GSM1800/1900 TX@2fo/3fo, Pin=+32dBm,VDD=2.7V
  • -90/-95dBc typ. LCR TX@2fo/3fo,Pin=+26dBm, VDD=2.7V)
  • Low insertion loss (
  • 1.0dB typ. on GSM850/900 TX@f=915MHz, Pin=35dBm,VDD=2.7V
  • 0.9dB typ. on GSM1800/1900 TX@f=1910MHz, Pin=32dBm,VDD=2.7V
  • 1.0dB typ. on LCR TX@f=2025MHz,Pin=26dBm, VDD=2.7V)
  • Small package size (LCSP24-K4(Package size: 3.8x3.8x0.9mm typ.))
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Configuration SP9T ANTENNA switch GaAs MMIC  

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Frequency Range (GHz) 0.1 to 3  
Package LCSP24-K4