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NJG1524APC1 is a DPDT switch GaAs MMIC. The two same switches are merged into one package and functionally linked. It is useful for switching two circuits in-line. Each switches feature very low loss, high isolation and wide frequency coverage from 50MHz to 3GHz at low control voltage of 2.5V. The ultra small and thin FFP16-C1package is adopted.

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  • Single low voltage control +2.5 to +6.5V
  • Low insertion loss 0.3dB typ.@f=1GHz, PIN=0dBm, each switch
  • 0.5dB typ.@f=2GHz, PIN=0dBm, each switch
  • High isolation 42dB typ. @f=2GHz,PC1-PC2
  • 27dB typ.@f=2GHz, PC1-PA1 PC1-PA2, PC2-PB1,
  • PC2-PB2, PA1-PA2, PB1-PB2
  • Handing power 20dBm max. @f=2GHz, VCTL=2.7V
  • Low current consumption 16uA typ.@f=2GHz, PIN=10dBm
  • Ultra small & thin package FFP16-C1
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Configuration DPDT switch GaAs MMIC  

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Frequency Range (GHz) 0.05 to 3  
Typ. Insertion Loss (dB) 0.3 to 0.5  
Typ. Isolation (dB) 27 to 42  
Package FFP16-C1