FM IF IC for pager

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Manufacturer New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio

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NJM2294 is a super low current FM IF IC for pagers. It includes almost all functions of the paging IF system. In those functions, the RSSI function can be used for automatic gain control. When the electric field strength is high, the RSSI output signal can control the attenuation of an RF amplifier to improve the received condition.

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  • Low Operating Voltage (V+=1.1 to 4.0V)
  • Super low Operating Current (600μA,V+=1.4V)
  • RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
  • FSK wave shaper
  • Battery check alarm function (Alarm Voltage=1.1V typ.)
  • Battery saving function
  • A high output current voltage regulator with an external transistor (Vreg=1.0V typ.)
  • A ceramic discriminator is available
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Package Outline (SSOP16)
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IF Frequency (MHz) 0.455  

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Package (mm) 5 x 4.4 x 1.15