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New Japan Radio

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NJG1125PB5 is a Triple band LNA IC designed for W-CDMA/UMTS cellular phone of 2.1GHz, 1.7GHz and 800MHz band.

This IC has a LNA pass-through function to select high gain mode or low gain mode.

An ultra small and ultra thin package of FFP16-B5 is adopted.

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  • Low voltage operation (+2.85V typ.)
  • Low ctl voltage operation (+1.85V typ.)
  • Low current consumption (2.4mA typ. @ High Gain Mode, 0uA typ. @ Low Gain Mode)
  • Package FFP16-B5 (Package size: 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.65mm typ.)
  • [High gain mode]
  • High gain (17.0dB typ. @ fRF=2140MHz, 16.5dB typ. @ fRF=885MHz, 17.5dB typ. @ fRF=1860MHz)
  • Low noise figure (1.75dB typ. @ fRF=2140MHz, 1.50dB typ. @ fRF=885MHz, 1.65dB typ. @ fRF=1860MHz)
  • High Input IP3 (0dBm typ. @ fRF=2140.0+2140.1MHz (Pin=-30dBm), -1dBm typ. @fRF=885.0+885.1MHz (Pin=-30dBm), +1dBm typ. @ fRF=1860.0+1860.1MHz (Pin=-30dBm))
  • [Low gain mode]
  • Gain (-8.0dB typ. @ fRF=2140MHz, -6.5dB typ. @ fRF=885MHz, -9.0dB typ. @ fRF=1860MHz)
  • High Input IP3 (+14dBm typ. @ fRF=2140.0+2140.1MHz (Pin=-16dBm), +12dBm typ. @ fRF=885.0+885.1MHz (Pin=-20dBm), +14dBm typ. @ fRF=1860.0+1860.1MHz (Pin=-16dBm))
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Application W-CDMA / UMTS Cellular Phone  

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Band/Frequency Range (MHz) 2140 / 885 / 1860  
Rx Gain (dB) 17.5  
Rx NF (dB) 16.5  
Supply Voltage (V) 2.7 to 3.6  
Package FFP-16-B5