Terahertz Parametric Oscillators

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Microtech Instruments

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The TPO systems are based on difference frequency generation in quasi-phase matched GaAS crystals placed inside an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) pumped by an ultrafast fiber laser. It generates 6-10 ps THz pulses at repetition rate of 110 MHz, delivering up to 0.3mW average power and 400 mW peak power. Central wavelength of 0.85 or 1.5 THz and spectral width of 100 GHz fits perfectly into the atmospheric transmission windows, making these sources ideal for THz imaging application. Very high peak powers make the TPO suitable for imaging systems employing non-linear effects, while sufficient average power makes it suitable for thermal detector array imaging as well.

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  • Central wavelength: 0.85 or 1.5 THz
  • Spectral width: 100GHz
  • Repetition rate : 110 MHz
  • Pulse duration from 6 to 10ps
  • Average power up to 300µW
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  • Applications: THz Imaging, Pump-probe experiments, THz spectroscopy, Non-linear optics