Terahertz Generator, Based THz sources 100-500 GHz

Microtech Instruments QS2-180 THz Generators: QS2-180 based THz sources 100-180 GHz

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Microtech Instruments

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The QS2-500 is a quasi-optical source composed of a QS2-180 (OV-86) backward wave oscillator (BWO), a Schottky diode frequency doubler and a low frequency tripler. It is tunable across the 100-180 GHz, 200-350 GHz, and 300-500 GHz frequency ranges.

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  • Spectral Range from 100-500 GHz
  • Spectral resolution: 1 - 20 MHz
  • Output power up to 1.0mW
  • Air cooled system
  • Compact magnet