Polyethylene Terahertz Lenses, THz

Microtech Instruments PL-2 Polyethylene THz Lenses

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Microtech Instruments

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Microtech offers a variety of lenses and windows for THz applications in Polyethylene Lenses. Polyethylene is not transparent in visible and near-IR spectral ranges, so that the lenses can be used to block light. Polyethylene Lenses offers best performance at frequencies below 1 THz and above 7 THz.

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  • Operating frequency range for Polyethylene: 0.02-5 THz
  • Focal length : 60,100mm
  • Polyethylene Lens type available: Spherical Bi-concave/Biconvex
  • lenses are manufactured from a purified high-density polyethylene
Spectral Transmission of Tsurupica and Polyethylene