Ultrafast Variable Attenuators, 980-1090nm, ultraFAST Watt Pilot

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Manufacturer Altechna


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ultraFAST Watt Pilot 980-1090nm variable attenuator incorporates 2 (or 1) high-performance Broadband polarisers working at 72 degre angle of incidence (AOI), which reflect s-polarised light while transmitting p-polarised light. A rotating Zero Order (air-spaced) quartz Phase λ/2 Waveplate is placed in the incident polarised laser beam. The intensity ratio of those two beams may be continuously varied without alteration of other beam parameters by rotating the waveplate. The intensity of either exit beam, or their intensity ratio, can be controlled over a wide dynamic range. P-polarisation could be selected for maximum transmission, or high-purity s-polarisation could be reflected when maximum attenuation of the transmitted beam takes place.

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  • Spectral range: 980-1090nm
  • Clear Aperture: 15 mm (up to 50 mm available)
  • Transmission mode: 1-85% for transmitted p-pol beam
  • Transmission Contrast mode 0,2-70% for transmitted p-pol beam
  • Reflection mode 4-96% for reflected s-pol beam
  • Reflection Contrast mode 0,1-70% for reflected s-pol beam
  • Configuration Mode: λ/2 zero order waveplate with 2x broad band (UltraFAST) thin film polarizers (Wavelenth range ±25nm@CWL)
  • Configuration Mode: λ/2 achromatic waveplate with 2x broad band (ultraFAST) thin film polarizers (Wavelenth range ±50nm@CWL)
  • Damage threshold: >5J/cm² 10 ns, 10 Hz pulses @ 1064 nm/>100J/cm² @ 100 fs, 10 Hz, 800 nm
  • Benefits

  • Ideal for ultra SHORT femtosecond lasers
  • Divides laser beam into two beams of manually adjustable intensity ratio
  • High Optical damage threshold
  • Low dispersion for femtosecond laser pulses
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