Laser Beam Shaper, 1064nm, for Focus Beam

Manufacturer's part number :

F-piShaper NA 0.1_50_80_1064

Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

Focal-piShaper NA 0.1_50_80_1064 is High efficient laser beam shaping system for high power Nd:YAG laser up to 4kW in CW mode. With nearly 100% efficiency the Focal-piShaper produces various profiles: Flat top, Inverse Gauss, Donut,Trident...

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  • Spectral range: 1020 - 1100
  • Laser Power: up to 4 kW (CW)
  • Input beam: TEMoo, M2<1.4
  • Full divergence: = 0.2-0.24 rad, NA = 0.1-0.12 (1/e2)
  • Output beam: Collimated or low divergent
  • Diameter: less than 20 mm
  • Benefits

  • Main Applications: Microwelding, Drilling, Selective Laser Melting, Material micromachining, Laser Heating in Geophysical researches, Marking and Engraving, Scribing, Cutting
  • Profile optimized to manipulate intensity distribution near focus of a diffraction limited focusing lens
  • type: Collimator, without internal focus
  • Adapted to operate with fiber lasers
  • Compact design suitable for industrial applications
  • Mechanical design is compatible with QBH fiber holder
  • A diffraction limited focusing lens of any type can be applied with the Focal-piShaper
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