Ultra-flat Dichroic Mirror, Triple-Band 400nm-414nm, 483nm-493nm, 556nm-566nm

Chroma Technology Ultra-flat Dichroic Mirror

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Manufacturer CHROMA TECHNOLOGY Fluorescence Filters

Chroma Technology

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ZT405/488/561rpc is ultra-flat laser dichroic mirror with triple band wavelength range from 400nm-414nm, 483nm-493nm, 556nm-566nm. The ZT405/488/561rpc dichroic beamsplitter mirror reflects lasers between 400-414nm, 483-493nm and 556-566nm.

Sputtered thin-films exert stress on glass and fused silica substrates and warp them into varying degrees of curvature. Chroma has learned how to control this to a large extent by developing a proprietary manufacturing method which minimizes surface curvature. Another factor which reduces surface curvature is the use of thicker substrates which provide greater stiffness and therefore more resistance to the stress exerted by these coatings. Combining these two elements allows Chroma to specify levels of dichroic surface flatness according to thickness.

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    ZT405/488/561rpc is part of following sets:
  • 59908 - ET - 488/561 PALM Dual Band Emission Set with 405nm activation
  • TRF59908-EM - ET - PALM Dual Band Emission Set for 488/561nm TIRF applications with 405nm excitation
  • 69901 - ET - 405/488/561nm Laser Triple Band Set
  • TRF69901 - ET - 405/488/561nm Laser Triple Band Set for TIRF applications
  • TRF69901-EM - ET - 405/488/561nm Laser Triple Band Set for TIRF applications
  • Angle of incidence: 45°
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    Chroma's ultra-flat dichroics with the following specifications for final, post-coating surface flatness:
  • Thickness: 1mm thick / Surface Flatness: =/< 2 waves/inch Peak-Valley (P-V) / Application: Standard Laser Filter Sets
  • Thickness: 2mm thick / Surface Flatness: =/< 0.5 waves/inch P-V / Application: TIRF Filter Sets, PALM and STORM
  • Thickness: 3mm thick / Surface Flatness: =/< 0.25 waves/inch P-V / Application: STED and Structured Illumination
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Ultra-flat Dichroic Mirror, ZT405/488/561rpc
Ultra-flat Dichroic Mirror