Triple Band Filter Set, ET-Aqua/Green/Orange

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Manufacturer CHROMA TECHNOLOGY Fluorescence Filters

Chroma Technology

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69011 serie is triple-band filter set, and the emission filters have three passbands specific for ET-Aqua/Green/Orange of fluorochromes. This set with triple-band excitation filters allow for simultaneous visualisation of three fluorochromes as often required for applications such as FISH or screening assays.

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  • Three single-band excitation filter allow for selective excitation, but require the use of excitation filter wheels or sliders
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  • 69011 Triple band filter set is ideal for simultaneous viewing of commercially available Aqua, Green and Orange FISH probes.
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Filters Type Triple Band Set  
Triple Band Filter Set, 69011 - ET-Aqua,Green,Orange
Triple Band Filter Set