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Chroma's 49306 ET - Red#1 FISH single band filter set is composed with an excitation filter model ET580/25x center wavelength at 580nm with 25nm bandwidth, T600lpxr beamsplitter, and ET625/30m emission filter center at 625nm with 30nm bandwidth. Ideal for use with commercially available Red FISH probes and chromosome painting techniques. Provides very bright Red signals will also detect Orange, and to a lesser extent will also detect Gold signals. Please refer to set 49310 to avoid Gold and Orange.

Chroma's 49306 serie of single band filter set is intended to be used with common, commercially available FISH probes and chromosome painting probes. This high-throughput ET filter sets is spectrally similar to set commonly used to detect the family of Spectrum probes from Abbott Laboratories, and similar probes from Cytocell and other manufacturers of genetic assays. This single band filter set is intended for use with non-laser light sources.

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  • Round excitation and emission filters mounted in anodized aluminum rings 2.3-5.0mm thick, up to 25mm in diameter
  • Rectangular dichroics up to 26x38mm, 1mm thick, to fit standard microscope manufacturer filter cubes
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  • Best with these fluorochromes: Alexa Fluor 594™, CAL Fluor® Red 610, DyLight 594, Killer Red, mCherry, MitoTracker Red/MeOH, mKate2, mRFP1, ReAsH-CCPGCC, Texas Red®, Texas Red®-X, X-rhod-1/Ca2+
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Single Band Filter Set, ET - Red#1 FISH
Single Band Filter set