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Chroma's 49004 ET - Cy3/TRITC single band filter set is composed with an excitation filter model ET545/25x center wavelength at 545nm with 25nm bandwidth, T565lpxr beamsplitter, and ET605/70m emission filter center at 605nm with 70nm bandwidth.

Chroma's 49004 serie of single band sets features our highest throughput sputter coatings (ET) which achieve the highest transmission levels for interference filters. These filters have very steep transitions from peak transmission to high optical density to best exploit the spectral properties of modern fluorochromes with short Stokes shifts. This is because steep transitions allow for very little spectral separation between excitation and emission bands. These filters offer the greatest hardness and durability against environmental factors such as high heat and humidity, and are covered by Chroma's lifetime warranty.

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  • Round excitation and emission filters mounted in anodized aluminum rings 2.3-5.0mm thick, up to 25mm in diameter
  • Rectangular dichroics up to 26x38mm, 1mm thick, to fit standard microscope manufacturer filter cubes
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  • Best with these fluorochromes: Alexa Fluor 546™, Alexa Fluor 555™, Atto 550, CAL Fluor™ Red 590, Cy3™, DiI, DsRed, DyLight 549, MitoTracker Orange/MeOH, Quasar™ 570, Rhod-2, TagRFP, TAMRA, tdTomato, Tetramethylrhodamine isothiocyanate, TRITC
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Single Band Filter Set, ET - Cy3/TRITC
Single Band Filter set